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Boshane adds GM job as Revolution starts season


BLACK RIVER — Tim Boshane said he believes tight ends don’t have a lot of responsibility on the field.

So the 45-year-old decided to pick up a handful of off-the-field obligations.

Boshane is in his first year as the general manager of the Watertown Revolution semipro football team, which will begin its seventh season with a 5:30 p.m. game tonight against Ithaca at Carthage High School.

Boshane has played tight end for the Revolution since its inception, garnering Northeastern Football Alliance all-star honors the last three years, and will be lined up at the position tonight for what he said might be his final season as a player.

“I like all aspects of football,” Boshane said. “I’m old and I still play, still bang heads and still start. But tight ends don’t have a lot of responsibility, we just catch and block.”

Boshane — a father of three with a daughter and 10-year-old twin boys — said the GM role has changed that.

“It’s a lot of responsibilities,” he said. “Keeping up with the new rules, keeping up with players and trying to appease everybody because everybody has different attitudes on a football team, and keeping track of the organizational stuff, it’s a full-time job.”

Boshane said this year’s Revolution squad, which is coming off a 5-6 season that ended with a first-round loss in the NFA playoffs, has 75 players on its roster.

Those numbers are up from last year, Boshane said, because several former players have returned from a deployment in Afghanistan last summer.

“I expect with all the numbers we have and all the talent we have, and all the guys coming back from Afghanistan that have played with us in the past, I think we’ll make playoffs, and I hope we can beat our record from last year,” Boshane said.

The Revolution will be anchored by mainstays Lamont Lane at quarterback and Jeremy Padilla at linebacker.

The Revolution also has shuffled its coaching staff under returning head coach Kermit Allen.

Tom Schultz, who has owned the team since its inception, is adding offensive coordinator to his job description.

Jeremy Chaney is coaching the offensive and defensive lines. Chaney is a former player for the Revolution and also played and served as an assistant coach for the Watertown Red and Black.

Jon Fisher, another former Red and Black player, has stepped in as the defensive coordinator.

“All those guys are dedicated and it makes it easier on my end,” Boshane said. “Some good talent out there and they coach it up real nice. They got their stuff together.”

In addition to playing tight end, Boshane said his responsibilities this season include attending NFA league meetings, recruiting talent, and ensuring the team has a field for practice and games.

The Revolution will again play its home games at Carthage High School. The team will compete in the NFA East Division and has a 10-game schedule.