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Northeastern Football Alliance Player Contract*

By agreeing to the terms below you are entering a contract with the Northeast Football Alliance.

This contract is between the team named above which is a member of the NFA and which is hereafter called the “TEAM” and “LEAGUE”

In consideration of the respective promises herein the parties agree as follows:

  1. The term of this Agreement shall be ONE YEAR from date of signing. However, subject to termination as specified by the NFA By-Laws.
  2. The Player promises during the term of this agreement that he will play amateur football as specified under the by-laws of the NFA. The Player agrees to participate in all practices and training sessions and in all league and exhibition games scheduled by The Team they are contracting with.
  3. The Player further agrees that he will continue to be highly skilled in all types of football team play, to keep himself in excellent physical condition, and that he will conduct himself in a proper manner at all times as a representative of The Team and the NFA, or otherwise The Team or League at their discretion will terminate said agreement.
  4. The Player shall not write or sponsor magazine or newspaper articles, or endorse any product without consent of Team Ownership.
  5. The Player agrees that he will assume all risks of playing football which he recognizes as a physical contact sport and further agrees to release and hold harmless The Team and The NFA, and their owners, officers, coaches, and directors. The Player further releases any city, town, municipality, school district and any representatives thereof, including but not limited to parties in control of stadiums and local facilities.
  6. The Player agrees that he will accept no compensation for playing football in the NFA which prohibits the payment of players. The Player further agrees that the only consideration to be given to him is the opportunity to play football by The Team and The NFA.
  7. The Player herewith acknowledges that he has been informed of a list of recommended equipment and assumes any and all risks if he chooses to participate without using said recommended equipment.
  8. Player grants to The Team and The NFA individually and jointly the right to use his name and picture for publicity and promotional purposes in newspaper, magazines, programs, videos, motion pictures, broadcasts, and telecasts as well as social media, and any other publicity or promotional material for The Team and/or The NFA.
By checking this box you agree to the terms of the contract stated above.

Eligibility of the player is contingent on team representative approval & payment of funds due.

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